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    November Is National Caregiving And Alzheimer's Awareness Month

    November is National Caregiving and Alzheimer's Awareness Month and the Bipartisan Policy Center is launching a new poll to help bring awareness to the subject.
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    Fire Risks Double During Holidays

    An insurance company is reminding people of holiday fire hazards. The Hartford Chief Claim Officer John Kinney says our seasonal decorations are just one thing that increase fire risk.
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    November Is National Diabetes Month

    November is National Diabetes Month and Dr. Griffin P. Rodgers of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases wants you to know that you are the center of your diabetes care…
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    Two Studies Find People Love Dogs More Than Other Humans

    Two major studies show that people love dogs more than other humans.
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    Study Shows Clear Link Between Sugar And Cancer

    Scientists are shedding more light on the link between sugar and cancer.
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    Study: Drinking Coffee May Lower Death Risk

    Another study shows higher coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of death. Doctor Debbie Plate with the Cleveland Clinic didn't participate in the study, but says evidence shows an extra…
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    Mental Illness Getting Attention This Month

    The problem of mental illness in America is getting extra attention this month. Doctor Husseini Manji at the drugmaker Janssen says as many as 18% of American adults and 20% of children suffer from…
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    Cleveland Clinic Doctor Talks Artificial Sweeteners

    Did you know that artificial sweeteners can lead to obesity and disease? Doctor Mark Hyman is with the Cleveland Clinic.
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    Beware Of Decorative Lenses This Halloween

    Doctor Allison Babiuch with the Cleveland Clinic says using Halloween-themed contact lenses off the shelf without a prescription or proper fitting can be scary.
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    Cleveland Clinic: Helping Others Helps You

    Doctor Joseph Rock with the Cleveland Clinic explains how helping others in times of crisis can actually help us feel better too.
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    Silver Tsunami Of Baby Boomers Wants To Age In Place

    A so-called "silver tsunami" of baby boomers wants to age in place.
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    Poison Ivy In The Fall

    Health officials are warning that you can still have an allergic reaction from touching poison ivy plants after they shed their leaves during the fall. Doctor Amy Kassouf with the Cleveland Clinic…
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    Study: Teens Are About As Active As Seniors

    A new study says many teens are getting less exercise than the average adult.
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    Avoiding Asthma Flares To Start School Year

    Doctor Giovanni Piedimonte with Cleveland Clinic Children's says for many children with asthma, the best way to avoid a back-to-school flare is to be prepared before it happens.
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    5 Hearing Aid Trends You'll Want to Hear About

    Take a look at five of the latest trends in hearing care and why patients should be excited about them:
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5 Hearing Aid Trends You'll Want to Hear About

by in Health News
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Take a look at five of the latest trends in hearing care and why patients should be excited about them:


  1. Bluetooth and Streaming

    "Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids are an excellent choice for any patient who owns a Bluetooth-enabled device. This wireless audio feature is commonly found on mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers. Bluetooth connectivity allows patients to send an audio signal directly to their hearing aid's processor. Bypassing the microphone significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio."

    "Phone calls are the most common application. Patients will also appreciate the ability to stream audio from TV shows, movies, games, and apps from mobile devices. Video game enthusiasts will appreciate this feature as well—as long as they own an Xbox."

    The AudienceSCAN survey found 45% of Hearing Aid Shoppers use Android phones, and 33% use iPhones, so hearing aid clinics can walk shoppers through blue-tooth benefits.
  2. Data Logging and Learning

    "Some devices are programmed to log environment-specific data. This information is then used to create settings that go well beyond "quiet" and "noisy" programs. Advanced devices detect a "learned" environment and automatically adjust settings to match."
  3. Remote Control

    "Pocket-size remote controls allow patients to raise and lower volume. They can also instantly mute or unmute their hearing aids. They typically feature a dedicated "home" button as well as the ability to toggle through other programs. Remote controls for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids have a "wireless" button. Patients can push the button to quickly connect with other compatible devices."

    Surprisingly, 28% of Hearing Aid Shoppers enjoy playing video games, the new AudienceSCAN study reports! Featuring video games in ad campaigns could reach this segment and excite them about going digital with hearing aid devices.
  4. Noise and Wind Reduction

    "Patients replacing analog hearing aids will be impressed by the noise reduction offered by digital devices. Modern processors can manipulate signals in countless ways. Programmers have taken advantage by dedicating algorithms to identifying and canceling unwanted noise. Their targets are ambient background buzz and sudden, loud "impulse" noises."

    "Some hearing aids can even reduce wind noise. Their microphones have built-in sensors that detect the force of the wind. They signal the processor to avoid amplifying it. This feature should be of particular interest to patients who enjoy sailing, golf, or other outdoor activities for which wind is a factor."

    Informing consumers of these hearing trends through newspaper advertising could be advantageous. The new AudienceSCAN survey revealed 35.5% of Hearing Aid Shoppers took action after reading newspaper (print, online, mobile or tablet) ads in the past month.
  5. Telemedicine

    "Also known as "telecare" or "telehealth," telemedicine refers to office visits conducted remotely. Telemedicine is typically facilitated by Skype or another videoconferencing tool."

    "Telemedicine can be an alternative to some office visits. Some patients simply need help adjusting their hearing aids. Others need help troubleshooting mechanical issues. A quick Skype session can help avoid an unplanned excursion. Doctors' appointment schedules will surely benefit as well."

    "The Digital Age has changed the way hearing aids look, feel and work. Unfortunately, often these devices can be too expensive for many patients. To help defray the "sticker shock" of hearing aids, consider offering a financing option."
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