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    Cleveland Clinic: Walk Your Dog For Better Health

    A recent study shows almost half of dog owners do not walk their dogs regularly despite the known health benefits of doing so.
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    Cleveland Clinic: UV Protection Essential For Eyes

    An Ohio doctor wants people to know that putting on your sunglasses is more than a fashion statement. Doctor Reecha Kampani with the Cleveland Clinic says protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays…
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    Study: Teasing Teens About Weight Could Have Future Impact

    A recent study shows teens who are teased about their weight are more likely to become obese adults.
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    It's A Great Time To Get Children Vaccinated

    It's a great time to get your children vaccinated. Doctor Richard So with the Cleveland Clinic says getting your children vaccinated is just as important as any other safety precaution you take with…
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    Ban Urged On High Heel Requirement At Work

    Researchers are calling for an end to the requirement that women wear high heels at work.
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    Tips To Avoid Junk Food Binging On Road Trips

    Officials with the Cleveland Clinic are offering tips on how to limit junk food binging and fast food stops on summer road trips. Doctor Susan Albers says many folks tend to pack on the pounds while…
  • mom-putting-sunscreen-on-daugher_rtY-oqLRSj.jpg

    Cleveland Clinic: Make Sunscreen Part Of Daily Routine

    Cleveland Clinic Doctor Melissa Piliang says parts of our bodies are regularly exposed to the sun during everyday tasks, and not protecting them can put our health at risk.
  • hleb-1-44.jpg

    Cleveland Clinic: Gluten Does Have Value

    A registered dietitian says unnecessarily restricting wholes grains that contain gluten can mean missing out on the benefits these foods have to offer. Lindsay Malone is with the Cleveland Clinic.
  • graphicstock-beautiful-young-mother-in-kitchen-with-her-baby-son-sleeping-in-sling-at-home-reading-a-book-or-studying-something_ruCTIYUf-.jpg

    Study: Reading To Babies Can Boost Preschool Literacy

    New research shows reading books to infants can boost vocabulary and reading skills. Doctor Kimberly Giuliano with Cleveland Clinic Children's didn't take part in the study, but encourages parents to…
  • DD-05142016-0O1A8645.jpg

    Doctor Explains Glioblastoma

    An Ohio doctor says glioblastoma, which is what Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona is battling, is the most commonly diagnosed primary malignant brain tumor in adults.
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    Poll: Beer Is The Most Preferred Alcoholic Drink In The U.S.

    Beer continues to be the first choice for Americans when it comes to alcoholic drinks.
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    Overweight Pets Now A Problem In The U.S.

    We know the U.S. has an overweight people problem. Now, it also has an overweight pet problem. Doctor Kirk Breuninger, the lead "State of Pet Health Report" researcher at Banfield Pet Hospital, says…
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    Cleveland Doctor Reacts To Coffee Studies

    A couple of new studies suggest being a regular coffee drinker may actually help boost your longevity.
  • couple-lying-in-bed-sleeping_rKwpujCrs.jpg

    Study Suggests Link Between Poor Sleep And Alzheimer's

    New research is linking sleep problems with Alzheimer's Disease.
  • woman-lying-in-bed-sleeping_Ht7x38j0So.jpg

    Having Purpose Leads To Sound Sleeping

    Having a reason to get up in the morning helps you sleep that much better at night.
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5 Ways to Manage Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

by in Wellness
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According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease claims more American lives each year than all forms of cancer combined.

Cardiovascular disease can be hereditary, such as hypercholesterolemia, or not hereditary, such as pulmonary artery hypertension. No matter which disease you have, or are at risk of getting, making smart choices is the first step to reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, and the smart choices you make now will pay off in the long run.

Here are 5 ways to help manage your risk of cardiovascular disease:

  1. Diet: Some foods increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, but other foods help lower that risk. Reduce or avoid saturated fats and sodium, and limit your sugar and red meat intake. Instead, focus on consuming healthy fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Incorporate fish into your meal plans, and choose healthy snack options such as nuts, seeds or legumes. Practice portion sizing to reduce the urge to overeat during meals.
  2. Exercise: Incorporate exercise into your life to work your heart muscles, remove access fat and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days per week. Choose brisk walking or cycling when the weather outside is nice. Children need one hour of physical activity every day, so incorporate activities which get the whole family involved. Developing healthy lifestyle habits at a young age makes it easier to continue them later in life.
  3. Stress: Everybody's life is stressful, but managing stress is vital for proper heart health. Stress damages your arteries and can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. If stress is a problem in your life try relieving some of it with yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises. Find some time for you to relax and unwind each day. It can help your overall health.
  4. Sleep: Getting a good night's rest each night is important for overall health including your heart. Have snoring checked if it's a problem. Sleep apnea is a condition which causes you to pause breathing during the night time. Without proper treatment this can lead to a number of conditions including cardiovascular disease.
  5. Medication: Including proper medications with your healthy lifestyle changes is an important step in managing cardiovascular disease, as medications can help your heart perform better and protect it from further damage. Avella will not only provide you with highly specialized medications to treat cardiovascular disease, but will also offer information and support. We will work with your health-care team to make sure that your medications are working as planned and can also help you manage side effects. We have also designed a mobile app to make it easy to request prescription refills and receive important information and reminders. Whether you are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, or have already been diagnosed, just remember that a healthy lifestyle, coupled with proper medications, can be extremely beneficial.

If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases like hypercholesterolemia or pulmonary artery hypertension, there are a variety of innovative medications that can help you. Avella dispenses advanced cardiovascular disease medications through our community pharmacy locations and our delivery and mail order services.


Source: 5 Ways to Manage Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Posted by Avella Specialty Pharmacy 



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