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    Lone Star Tick Bites Can Trigger Rare Meat Allergy

    Scientists say Lone Star tick bites can activate a rare meat allergy in certain people.
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    Cleveland Clinic: Don't Scratch Mosquito Bites

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    Smart Choices To Stay Hydrated This Summer

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    Keeping Kids Active During Summer Break

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    Children's Head Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

    Each year more than 60,000 American children are hospitalized with traumatic brain injuries.
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    June is National Turkey Lovers' Month and the Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) is celebrating by highlighting turkey's nutritional benefits, variety of cooking techniques and economic impact in Ohio.
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    Cleveland Clinic: No Science To Support Fidget Spinner Benefits

    An Ohio doctor says some people believe fidget spinners may improve a child's ability to focus, but there's no science to back up the claim.
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    World No Tobacco Day

    Today is World No Tobacco Day. The World Health Organization says the day of awareness is meant to highlight how tobacco threatens the development of nations worldwide.
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    Avoid Foot Injuries With Right Running Shoes

    An Ohio doctor says if you're planning on getting out to run, it's essential that you have the right shoe to avoid foot injuries.
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    Study: Chocolate Could Help Prevent Irregular Heartbeat

    Medical researchers have another reason for you to like chocolate.
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    APA Out With New Work And Well-Being Survey

    A new survey from the American Psychological Association shows that American adults who have had recent or current changes at work are more likely to report chronic work stress than those who haven't.
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    Study: Fitness Trackers Accurate For Heart Rate, Not Calories Burned

    Those popular fitness trackers do a really good job of measuring your heart rate, but they aren't good at all when it comes to counting the calories you burn.
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    Study Shows Texting Can Help Some Obese People Lose Weight

    New research shows texting supportive messages can help some people lose weight. Dr. Ashwani Singal led the study at the University of Alabama.
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    Aging Expert: Seniors Need To Plan To Age In Place

    One in five Americans will be over the age of 65 by 2030. Surveys have shown that most want to age in place, but aging expert Lee Lindquist says many aren't planning properly.
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Ohians Encouraged to Compete In Ohio State Fair Culinary Competitions

by in Fit Kitchen
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The deadline is less than two weeks away for Ohio home cooks to submit their best culinary recipes for the 2016 Ohio State Fair. At this year's fair, which runs from July 27 to August 7, the Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) will once again offer Ohio cooks opportunities to compete in three different culinary contests on Saturday, July 30, including a new grilling competition.

"The Ohio State Fair is a great opportunity for aspiring chefs to feature Ohio-produced eggs, chicken and turkey and highlight their versatility in everyday meals," said Jim Chakeres, OPA executive vice president. "Each year, we receive entries from participants all across the state, and we are looking forward to seeing what creative and delicious culinary masterpieces Ohioans come up with this year."

Grilling Competition
New to the fair this year, OPA is sponsoring a new culinary competition, "Turkey Grilling Cook-Off." The competition will take place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 30. Contestants will be provided with a selection of turkey products for the main ingredient needed to be prepared, along with the competitor's choice of side or garnish and sauce. Competitors will have 30 minutes to prepare and grill their recipe. Participants may only enter one recipe per class and must be present for judging. A first, second and third place winner will be deemed and they will be judged on overall taste, presentation, heritage story and uniqueness.

Egg-citing and Devilishly Good Competition
"The Egg-citing and Devilishly Good" competition will kick-off at 10 a.m. on July 30 in the Cardinal Hall with a "heat" for local celebrities, followed by a heat for amateur chefs. During the challenge, contestants will be provided with eight hard-boiled eggs and then have 30 minutes to develop their recipe, prepare on-site and serve 12 deviled egg halves for the judges. Contestants are required to bring all other ingredients and garnishes to be used for the filling. New at the 2016 fair will be a new entrant award for amateur contestants who have not entered this competition in the past. The Kroger Company is also a sponsor of this competition.

Egg-stra, Egg-stra Competition
Another culinary competition sponsored by OPA at this year's fair, along with cosponsors American Dairy Association Mideast and The Kroger Company, is "Egg-stra, Egg-stra!" The contest will begin at 12 p.m. on Saturday, July 30 with seven different classes. Only amateur chefs may compete and they may enter two dishes per class, but they must be distinctly different. There are two new classes this year in this competition: "Crock-pot Creations," of chicken or turkey and noodles as well as poultry Crock-pot recipe (no noodles). Other returning classes include frittata/quiche, brownie, cupcake, cheesecake and Bundt cake.

All dishes from "The Egg-citing and Devilishly Good" and "Egg-stra, Egg-stra!" competitions will be judged based on taste, creativity and presentation. Winning entries will be displayed the day of the competition and then replaced with a photo of the entry.

To enter into any of the competitions, visit To be eligible, all entries must be submitted by Monday, June 20. Eligible home cooks must be at least 11-years-old and a current resident of Ohio. Participants are not required to have won at a county fair in order to enter any Ohio State Fair culinary competition.

Ohio is ranked No. 2 nationally for egg farming, producing more than 8.7 billion eggs annually. For more information about egg farming, recipes and the health benefits eggs offer, visit



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