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    Study: Drinking Coffee May Lower Death Risk

    Another study shows higher coffee consumption is associated with lower risk of death. Doctor Debbie Plate with the Cleveland Clinic didn't participate in the study, but says evidence shows an extra…
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    Mental Illness Getting Attention This Month

    The problem of mental illness in America is getting extra attention this month. Doctor Husseini Manji at the drugmaker Janssen says as many as 18% of American adults and 20% of children suffer from…
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    Cleveland Clinic Doctor Talks Artificial Sweeteners

    Did you know that artificial sweeteners can lead to obesity and disease? Doctor Mark Hyman is with the Cleveland Clinic.
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    Beware Of Decorative Lenses This Halloween

    Doctor Allison Babiuch with the Cleveland Clinic says using Halloween-themed contact lenses off the shelf without a prescription or proper fitting can be scary.
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    Cleveland Clinic: Helping Others Helps You

    Doctor Joseph Rock with the Cleveland Clinic explains how helping others in times of crisis can actually help us feel better too.
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    Silver Tsunami Of Baby Boomers Wants To Age In Place

    A so-called "silver tsunami" of baby boomers wants to age in place.
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    Poison Ivy In The Fall

    Health officials are warning that you can still have an allergic reaction from touching poison ivy plants after they shed their leaves during the fall. Doctor Amy Kassouf with the Cleveland Clinic…
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    Study: Teens Are About As Active As Seniors

    A new study says many teens are getting less exercise than the average adult.
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    Avoiding Asthma Flares To Start School Year

    Doctor Giovanni Piedimonte with Cleveland Clinic Children's says for many children with asthma, the best way to avoid a back-to-school flare is to be prepared before it happens.
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    5 Hearing Aid Trends You'll Want to Hear About

    Take a look at five of the latest trends in hearing care and why patients should be excited about them:
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    Cleveland Clinic: Ragweed Pollen Typically Peaks Around Labor Day

    If you find yourself struggling with sneezing and watery eyes, a ragweed allergy may be to blame.
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    Cleveland Doctor Discusses Orthorexia Nervosa

    A growing trend known as orthorexia nervosa has more health professionals seeing people take healthy eating to the extreme.
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    Study: Too Much Vitamin B Increases Men's Lung Cancer Risk

    A new study shows too much Vitamin B can dramatically increase a man's risk of lung cancer.
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    Back-To-School Time Puts Attention On Head Lice

    Back-to-school time is once again putting attention on the age-old problem of head lice and Washington is one of the top 25 states for it.
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    Cleveland Clinic: Walk Your Dog For Better Health

    A recent study shows almost half of dog owners do not walk their dogs regularly despite the known health benefits of doing so.
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Put Your Best Fork Forward

by in Nutrition
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It's time for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' annual National Nutrition Month celebration, and the theme for 2017 is "Put Your Best Fork Forward;' reminding us that using this tool wisely and concisely can yield some positive changes to our health and habits.

One small change at a time, like actively choosing what is picked up by our fork and put into our mouths, can lead to larger, more meaningful and positive changes over time.

It's time to STOP going 'on a diet' and start thinking about your diet as overall choices you make for your health at every meal, every day. What does that look like and consist of? What can you do to incorporate more goodness into your diet? Do you know what foods are healthy, nutritious, and beneficial for you in your current state of health? The majority of my patients and clients need more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, plant-based proteins, and water. When you incorporate these changes according to your individual needs (as advised by your registered dietitian nutritionist (RON) and physician), the changes begin to happen almost immediately-more energy, weight management (loss or gain), blood glucose control, better systemic functions, more sound sleep, less stress, radiant skin, and so much more ... things you may not even be able to see or tangibly measure but can feel.

Is there something in your diet that is in excess? Something that if you do not get larger portions of, you feel slighted or crave? Soft drinks, candy, chocolate, alcohol, pies/cakes/cookies, meat, fried foods, chips/crackers, ice cream? Is there room for improvements and increased opportunity to include more fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fermented foods (such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi), healthy fats (avocadoes, olives, hummus, plant oils), beans, legumes, or lenti ls? Have you thought about doing a meatless Monday or taking it all the way to a plant-based diet? What changes could you make today that would influence a better tomorrow for you (as well as the planet, the animals)?


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Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep tonight: turn off the TV and tablet and go to bed.

Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep tonight:  turn off the TV and tablet and go to bed.

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Avoiding Asthma Flares To Start School Year
Healthy Body
Doctor Piedimonte says asthma is a chronic, recurrent condition that is usually brought on by a tr...

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