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Major snowstorms can be problematic for many people, but a recent study shows that it could mean hospital time for some folks in the days that follow it.

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We're now in the middle of Patient Safety Week, and the emphasis this year is on medications and children. Dr. BreAnn Taylor, a clinical pharmacy specialist with Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, says there's one thing parents should realize before giving their kids over-the-counter medications.

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We've all been plagued at times by tossing-turning-sleepless nights. When such unwelcome developments attack our sleep cycles, it can be tempting to seek out alternative solutions, shortcuts to slumber.

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Daylight Saving Time gets started on March 12th. Doctor Charles Bae with the Cleveland Clinic says it can take up to a week for some people to adjust.

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Lots of folks welcome the beginning of spring by opening their windows and letting the fresh air in. But, Doctor Lily Pien with the Cleveland Clinic says that might be the last thing you want to do if you have spring allergies.

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